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Joel Richardson…..Freshwater Fishing Icon

Joel Richardson…..Freshwater Fishing Icon

Added by December 18, 2015

Joel Richardson pretty much knew what he wanted to with his life from an early age. He found hunting and fishing to be that calling without leaving much doubt. Always enjoying the outdoors for as long as he can remember.

As part of the CaroJRlina Outdoor Journal team of charter captains and guides and his professional bass fishing career, Joel is considered an icon in freshwater fishing. His favorites have always been deer hunting and freshwater fishing. Today, as for the past several years he fished professionally while offering his expertise as a fishing guide on multiple lakes near the North Carolina Virginia border. This would include Kerr Lake. Over recent years he’s been the His competitive career includes multiple wins on the well FLW tour. With fishing being his way of life means running over 100 guide trips per year in addition to his many days fishing the FLW tour. All this is also in addition to running his demo-landfill business that continues to expand.

For the past 24 years Joel has been fishing for a living. He has the trophies and his guide customers have the great memories to show for it. He continues to pursue his passion and is a constant reminder that “a man that does what he loves will never work a day in his life.” Joel and his wife Jackie reside in Kennersville, NC. They have a son and daughter and 2 Grandchildren.