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Spotlight On……Captain Ricky Kellum

Spotlight On……Captain Ricky Kellum

Added by December 18, 2015

Captain Ricky orickyf Jacksonville had never had any doubt that he would become a fishing guide. He comes from a long line for fisherman, with his father being known to area anglers as the “Trout Man”. Ricky has been fishing since his earliest recollection and that early passion remains today. As a lifelong resident of Jacksonville, North Carolina, he grew up on the banks for the New River and still makes that his fishing honey hole today.

As a youngster, Ricky did more than fishing. He bagged groceries and helped to stock the shelves of his family’s Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Even with his commitment to the family business, he still found the time to pursue his love of Trout fishing on the New River. After high school he worked in the heating and air and commercial refrigeration industry while continuing to improve his fishing skills. In 2007 Ricky took the leap and started guide fishing fully and never looked back since. Today he’s considered to be one of the most well known guides on the Carolina Coast and running a whopping 280 charter trips each year. Over the years, he has seen a lot of changes in the area’s Trout fishing.  He has noticed significant decline due to the increased Trout fishing pressure place on the fishery and the impact of certain aspects of commercial fishing. Bait and lure manufacturers like “Billy Bay” have consulted with him on the development of new lure ideas.

Ricky still lives in Jacksonville with his wife and 2 sons. He continues to look to the future for better ways to catch fish and to keep his guide customers happy. Both are tasks that he enjoys. His success is centered around his passion and constant effort to improve.