Carolina Outdoor Journal is produced by Joe Albea Productions, a division of Southeast Media Services, Inc. Hosted by Joe Albea and John Moore – both are lifelong residents of North Carolina and have years of involvement in outdoor writing, photography, radio and television broadcast production. They both enjoy all facets of the Carolina outdoor experience from fishing the outer banks surf to floating a mountain river for smallmouth bass.

Joe Albea is an award-winning outdoor photographer and the producer of Carolina Outdoor Journal. His still photography has graced many magazines and his video images have been used in television and video productions across the country. Albea has traveled extensively abroad and to every corner of North Carolina.

John Moore has 32 years of radio and television broadcast experience. He has co-hosted the Journal since the beginning of the series while operating a very successful marketing and advertising firm. Very active in his community, Moore has countless hours of volunteer service under his belt.

With more than 20 years experience in food styling and instruction, Donna Reynolds brings a wealth of knowledge to every recipe she prepares. As host and producer of Simple Cooking, a cooking segment of Carolina Outdoor Journal, Donna creates, styles and demonstrates each recipe featured on the show. From tasty coastal dishes featuring fish, shrimp and oysters to game recipes that capture the flavor of the outdoors, she prepares recipes that are simple and delicious.




Mark Crews has edited the Carolina Outdoor Journal for 21 seasons.  He is a North Carolina native and grew up fishing in small ponds in the sandhills near Pinehurst. Mark met his wife in Greenville while he was studying communications at East Carolina University. They now live in Clayton, where he runs Finished Works, Inc., his video production company, with their two children, Noah and Madison. Some of their best memories have been enjoying North Carolina's amazing natural resources.  Mark's creative talent and knowledge in the editing room has been essential to the success of the Journal.




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NOVEMBER 7, 2020


This week on the Journal we fish a hot October morning for Roanoke River largemouth bass. In Gear Time our anglers discuss the lures they used to catch the bass. In the kitchen Donna Reynolds prepares a cornbread recipe.

NOVEMBER 14, 2020


On this edition of the Journal we take a lookat the return of one of North Carolina’s great mountain rivers after years of abuse.Our anglers discuss the river and their tackle on Gear Time and we’ll join Donna Reynolds in the kitchen for a tasty quail recipe.

NOVEMBER 21, 2020


This week on the Journal we’ll fish for sharks and be a part of an ongoing research program. On Gear Time our anglers discuss the tackle and tagging equipment and Donna Reynolds shares a shrimp recipe in the kitchen.

NOVEMBER 28, 2020


Join us this week as we fish for the Common Carp using fly rods. On Gear Time our anglers discuss the tackle and flies they used and we’ll join Donna Reynolds in the kitchen for a oyster and fruit salad recipe.

DECEMBER 5, 2020


This week on the Journal we learn the importance of tide and fresh bait in pursuit of Red Drum. In Gear Time our anglers discuss how to rig up to catch fish.  In the kitchen Donna Reynolds prepares a spicy shrimp recipe.                      

NOVEMBER 7, 2020


)n this edition of the Journal we’ll fish with a professional guide and his wife as they target flounder on the edge of the Pamlico Sound. On Gear Time we’ll learn what they used to catch flounder and join Donna Reynolds in the kitchen as she prepares a Southern Fried Fish Salad.

NOVEMBER 14, 2020


This week on the Journal we’ll venture to North Carolina’s newest ocean pier to catch sea mullet and spot. While there we learn Jennette’s pier is more than just a fishing pier. On Gear Time our anglers discuss the tackle they use while fishing from a pier. In the kitchen Donna Reynolds prepares a tasty grouper recipe.

NOVEMBER 21, 2020


This week on the Journal we’ll drift a mountain river for Rainbow trout. On Gear Time the guys will share why it is important to have a variety of flies available for the different insect hatches that occur on a stream. In the kitchen Donna Reynolds prepares a smoked bacon wrapped trout recipe.

NOVEMBER 28, 2020


On this edition of the Journal we’ll fish for the Inshore Grand Slam – red drum, speckle trout, and flounder. In Gear Time we’ll find out which lures worked best for all three species. And join Donna Reynolds in the kitchen for a delicious crab recipe.

DECEMBER 5, 2020


This week on the Journal we’ll fish a farm pond loaded with crappie with an 8year old angler and his favorite coastal guide.  On Gear Time we return to the pond for some tips on tackle and lures. In the kitchen Donna Reynolds prepares a Fish Pot Pie.

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